Adopt these 3 Essential Steps to Make your Parenting More Effective

  • Take your teen out of retirement
  • Become the lead negotiator in your relationship
  • Establish an ‘expectations met equals privileges earned’ policy
Renegotiate With Your Teen

The ‘Parenting Solutions Program’ by 180 Parenting provides you with everything you need to make these 3 essential steps part of your parenting plan.

The ‘Parenting Solutions Program; includes the following:

  • 1 Parenting Videos & Worksheets
  • 2Online Parent Seminars
  • 3Teen Motivation System
  • 4Home Discipline Program
  • 5 Behavioral Contracts
  • 6 Instructional Videos & Manuals
  • 7 Specific Directions & Tutorials
  • 8 Online Coaching Sessions

This is a lot of support, tools and assistance for only $199

One of the most valuable tools included in the Parenting Solutions Program is the Teen Motivation System exclusive to 180 Parenting. The Teen Motivation System requires your teen to earn privileges through respect and cooperation and responsibility. The system tracks and awards privileges when teens meet pre-established criteria. It also takes away privileges when necessary for inappropriate behavior and disobedience. This is a system based on motivation; making it something your teenager wants to do.

100% Parenting Solutions

The Parenting Solutions also provides this impressive warranty: If after following the program’s guidelines you find it necessary to seek professional help for your teenager’s behavioral problems Parenting Solutions Program will refund your purchase-except for handling and shipping ($19.95).


Our Breakthrough Home Discipline Program is Recommended by these Online Parenting Experts has been an online authority of resources for parents that have teens for decades. The tools offered by 180 Parenting are unmatched in the industry.

Parenting Teens
Parenting Teens
We’ve listed tens of thousands of professionals throughout our site, including child therapists and psychologists. The 180 Parenting program has proven to be a great resource for parents and therapists.

At, we understand that the battle to keep kids drug free begins at an early age. The tools included in the 180 Parenting program have some terrific resources for getting negative attitudes and habits turned around.

Teen Drug Abuse
Teen Drug Abuse
For 10 years now, our objective has been to find resources for parents with At-Risk Youth. The 180 Parenting toolset and coaching series is the best value we’ve come across so far.

Learn How to Create Powerful Daily Incentives and Rewards for Your Teen

Because every relationship you have in your life has been negotiated, this program will show you how to become the lead negotiator in the parent/teen relationship and set them on the path to success!

In addition to sharing “industry secrets” we also give you:

Guidelines Guidelines let your teen know what you expect from them. By establishing your specific expectations and guidelines, your child can no longer say they didn’t know what you expect of them. It’s all there in black and white.

Daily/Weekly Privilege Calculator On both a daily and weekly basis, your child will earn points. These points are then transferred into privileges. The more points they earn the more privileges they receive. This places the responsibility on their shoulders; giving them incentive to do their best.

Daily Evaluations These are the questions your teen will answer at the end of the day. Some are already designed for you, but you can also add questions relevant to your home. Most points will be earned through their daily evaluations.

Allowance Calculators This is a great tool to help you decide how much allowance your child can receive on a weekly basis. By having to earn their allowance-with which they will purchase all non-essentials-you are taking them out of what we call ‘teenage retirement’. Not only will this teach them the importance of managing their money, but their sense of self-worth will significantly increase.

Balance Sheets These will give you a running total of everything your child earns and spends. Tracking their spending habits is also an option. Just click on the “Balance Sheet” tab and select the week or month you wish to review.

Appeal Forms Even parents can make a mistake. If your child feels they have been treated unjustly or are truly innocent of what you, the parent, is accusing them of, this form allows them to state what happened from their point of view. Parents can then review it, a calm and reasonable discussion can then take place and adjustments can be made.

Homework A perfect way for your child to help out with extra tasks around the house to earn MORE POINTS! This is a great incentive for a teen who has lost points and wants to regain them.

This Family Based Parenting Program is designed to PROMOTE TEEN PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT!

Effective ConsequenceGive your child specific guidelines to live by. They choose to either play by YOUR rules and earn privileges for doing so, or not play and get nothing at all.
Negotiate with Children You have given a LOT to your child. Now it’s time for them to give back by being respectful, responsible and respectable.
Teenager Contract
Get Cooperation from your Child. Let them take responsibility for their own actions.
Behavior Contract You are NOT a bad parent! Raising children is VERY hard work.